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Do you like beer? Especially for you - a complete list of beer establishments in Kharkov: beer restaurants in Kharkov, Kharkov pubs.

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"Premium" accommodation
According to the institution, except for the basic data (address, telephone, opening hours) and personal data (for example: services, cuisine, parking, payment options, entertainment, average bills, capacity etc.), more to be expected: a lot of photos, a poster of events, various menu folders, news, articles, etc.
These establishments in any list are displayed first, as containing the most amount of useful information.
«Standard» accommodation
In addition to the basic data (address, phone number, opening hours), there is personal data, a short description and some photos.
These establishments in any list are displayed after Premium package establishments.
"Minimum" placement  
Just a brief description of the establishment: name, type, address, phone, opening hours.
These establishments in any list are displayed last, as containing the least amount of information.
Pubs, Beer
AltBier , ресторан-пивоварня
Restaurant, Pub, Beer, Karaoke bar
Address: Харьков, ул. Героев Труда, 14В
Phone: 097-727-27-27, 066-327-27-27 (сall: 1)
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Views : current month 174 , total 2696
reviews: 182
AltBier , шоу-ресторан
Restaurant, Pub, Beer, Karaoke bar
Address: Харьков, ул. Культуры, 8 (в здании Сумского рынка)
Phone: +38(066)327 27 27, +38(097)727 27 26
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Views : current month 103 , total 1941
reviews: 25
Dublin , паб
Cafe, Pub, Beer
Address: Харьков, пр. Науки, 12 (вход со стороны ул. Культуры)
Phone: +38(066)268 82 43, +38(098)306 29 50
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Views : current month 101 , total 1444
reviews: 11
Mad Cats , закрытый мужской бар
Club, Pub, Beer
Address: Харьков, Чернышевская 63Д
Phone: +38(050)050 93 53
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Views : current month 70 , total 1052
reviews: 6
Park Місто , пивной ресторан
Restaurant, Cafe, Pub, Beer, Complex
Address: Харьков, ул. Клочковская, 190А
Phone: (057) 758-17-03, 095-238-28-03
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Views : current month 57 , total 1209
reviews: 3
Славутич Шато , ресторан-пивоварня
Restaurant, Pub, Beer, Karaoke bar
Address: Харьков, пл. Свободы, 7
Phone: 066-262-91-22
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Views : current month 96 , total 2231
reviews: 51
Arkada , спортивно-оздоровительный комплекс
Restaurant, Pub, Beer, Complex, Striptease, Hotels, Beauty salon, health, cosmetology, Sauna, Bathhouse, Organization of celebrations, Recreation outside the city
Address: Харьков, пер. Буковый, 27 (бывшая ул. Совхозная, 3) (Алексеевский лугопарк)
Phone: 067-574-94-44, 063-278-11-32, 097-134-31-45
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Views : current month 247 , total 11174
reviews: 84
Doon'Ka , бар-кальянная
Restaurant, Club, Cafe, Pub, Beer, Hookah bars
Address: Харьков, ул. Квитки-Основьяненко, 12
Phone: 097-096-63-37
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Views : current month 140 , total 2454
reviews: 46
Lion , клуб
Cafe, Pub, Beer, Billiard club, Karaoke bar
Address: Харьков, ул. Бучмы, 1А (бывшая ул. Командарма Уборевича, 1А) (перекресток с ул. Гв.Широнинцев)
Phone: (057) 264-74-54
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Views : current month 95 , total 1766
reviews: 63
Sutra Bar Kamalaya
Club, Pub, Beer
Address: Харьков, ул. Алчевских, 31 (бывшая ул. Артема, 31)
Phone: 050-864-53-84
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Views : current month 63 , total 966
reviews: 2
Teтчеr Gastropub , британский паб
Restaurant, Cafe, Pub, Beer
Address: Харьков, ул. 23-го Августа, 26 (ст.м.23 Августа)
Phone: (057)340-21-39, 050-941-64-62
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Views : current month 122 , total 2258
reviews: 65
Внутри моря
Cafe, Pub, Beer
Address: Харьков, ул. Ньютона, 130 (район Новых домов)
Phone: +38(063)932 89 50, +38(097)323 78 50
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Views : current month 104 , total 1092
reviews: 0

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